Tik Tok plans to invest $12 billion in data centers over the next 10 years

TikTok intends to spend €12 billion over the next ten years on a data center project and security audit in Europe. In March, the service announced the construction of a data center in Norway.

The company has made a number of commitments aimed at solving problems related to data collection methods, as the Law on Digital Services will come into force in the EU next year. These commitments have been combined in the framework of the Project Clover initiative, which includes the opening of local data centers in Europe and the introduction of new data access and control processes.

TikTok is investing €12 billion to build three data centers and ensure the operation of the NCC Group, which announced that it will conduct an audit of data control and practices.

After several delays, in September TikTok began transferring data from European users to its first data center located in Ireland. The service promises to complete the data center project by the end of 2024. TikTok also announced plans to build another data center in Ireland. 

The company will open a third data center in Norway, the facility will use fully renewable energy. TikTok has acquired the first of three buildings in the Hamar region, where servers will be installed, on which data from European users will be stored from next summer. The company will then equip two more buildings.

Green Mountain is engaged in the construction of a 30 MW data center in Norway.

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